I'm raising money for housing and family needs so I can get my license and stable housing.

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Why I'm using HandUp for housing and family needs.

I lost everything in my past relationship because he was abusive. I'd been living in my car with my two kids before I came to Lighthouse. I have no family. I lost my mom in March and my life has been bad ever since. I have no income so it's difficult to meet my basic needs for my kids, such as clothes and shoes. I also want to fix my license so I can drive to work once I start working. Also, to take my kids to daycare, school, doctors appointments, etc. They also need new clothing and shoes because they've outgrown their old ones.

About me.

I'm from Mt. Clemens, Michigan. I've been in Pontiac for about two months. I have three siblings but since my mom died, we don't talk at all. My mom was my family and I miss her dearly. I like to spend my time by the water. It soothes me and when there's a park and water, I'm in heaven.

My backstory.

It started when I moved in with my ex. I got evicted from my apartment, so I moved in with my boyfriend at the time. As soon as he started working and I was a stay-at-home mom, he started treating me really bad, physically and emotionally abusing me. I wasn't allowed to hang out, go out, or talk to most of my friends and after I lost my mom in March, it got really bad. He started hurting me almost everyday and my kids were getting worried. I could tell my son started hating him. One night, we fought so bad that I knew he was going to kill me. He put my kids on the porch and dragged me out. That was the last straw. I did not go back even though he begged me to. I really feared for my life and my kids if I was dead. We slept in our car for months until I ran into the church. The church lead me to the hotel and then Lighthouse.

My goals, moving forward.

I just want a stable place for my babies to call their own. Something that someone can't take from them, a comfort zone. Also I would love to have a valid driver's license again. I have so many tickets and I just cannot pay them all.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is my kids. My proudest moment is when people tell me how well-mannered my children are. They are my everything. My wildest dream is to have a four-bedroom house with a big garage, and a big truck for my babies.

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