I'm raising money for utilities and gas gift cards so I can pay my bills and have gas to get to medical appointments.

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Why I'm using HandUp for utilities and gas gift cards.

I would really like to thank anyone that has previously helped us. It means so much more than you know. My daughter and I continue to struggle with medical issues, and it has really taken it's toll on us physically, emotionally and financially. I have been getting behind on my bills due to the increased expense in gas getting to and from appointments and procedures in addition to purchasing needed medical supplies and prescriptions. Your donations allow us to continue to address these important issues.

About me.

I've lived in the Auburn Hills area for most of my life so this is the place that I call home. I am the mother of 4 great kids! I'm a very down to earth person and I feel that I relate well to people. Since I'm not able to work right now, I spend my time reading and absorbing as much knowledge as I can.

My backstory.

Up until Christmas 2017 I was homeless and living in my car. When I got divorced, I lost my home and feeling of safety. I could not afford an apartment on my own with only my income. I chose to let my kids stay with family so they could be safe, and I found places to stay wherever I could.

Due to an accident a few years ago, I have a permanent disability that makes it hard for me to work. I would like to work if I can, but there aren't many jobs that can accommodate my disability.

My goals, moving forward.

I want all of my kids living with me again. Currently only my oldest child is living with me but I would really like for all 4 of my kids to be back with me full time.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I really like to scrapbook and do crafty things! I find that scrap-booking creates tangible memories for my kids that will last a lifetime.

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