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About me.

I am originally from Mexico City and have lived in San Francisco since the late 90s. Since living here I have worked mostly in restaurants. I try to work as many jobs and hours as possible and am currently working in carpentry. I work to provide for my six year old daughter. Free time is rare for me, but I spend most of my free time with my daughter. It is important for me to be present in this crucial time in her life.

My backstory.

Since being in the US I have been able to obtain my GED. My goal was to go on to college. However, my marriage ended in divorce and this caused me to become homeless. I have been homeless since the divorce and have been working any jobs I can get. However, not having residency or citizenship makes it challenging to find stable work. Recently, I have been able to secure stable work as a carpenter.

My goals, moving forward.

At the moment I am working to provide for my daughter. I am working toward maintaining the unity of my family so I can stay in the US and build a better life for us. I am very excited for us to move into housing.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I am happiest when I am spending time with my daughter. My wildest dream is for my family to be all together and for us to have stable housing and a stable life. I am working my hardest to make this dream a reality.

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