I'm raising money for baby supplies, move in cost, and transporation so I can have security for my son and I.

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Why I'm using HandUp for baby supplies, move in cost, and transporation.

To find and secure housing for myself and my newborn. I am raising funds security deposits and to help with buying diapers. I also want to raise funds for a car. I moved to Michigan to be closer to my Mom’s side of my family. I ended up homeless after my sister kicked me out as I was getting discharged from the hospital after having my new born son. I need help to secure housing for the two of us. I plan to use any donations for my son’s needs, housing, and a car.

About me.

I am originally from Arkansas, but my mother is from Michigan. Unfortunately both of my parents have passed away. I lost my mother to cancer in 2010 when I was only 15. My dad and I had a rocky relationship after my mother passed away and ended on bad terms when he passed away in 2018 suddenly. I have only been in Michigan since May 2020, and I would like to raise my son here. I recently gave birth to my son in July 2020. I was told I would never be able to have kids, now that I have proved the doctors wrong, I want to do everything possible to give my child a better life than I ever had. When I moved up here in May 2020 the plan was to live with my sister for awhile, have my baby, recover, then find a job to start the process to get out on my own. That is not how things went.

My backstory.

I had to have an emergency C-section. My sister was with me the whole labor process. After my two hour recovery time and I was transferred to my permanent room, my sister went home and never returned the rest of the three days I was there. She promised that she would be there with me the whole time but she wasn’t. So I was in the hospital all alone with a newborn and I barely got any sleep. Discharge time came around and I was so tired that I wanted my sister to come help me go over the discharge paperwork. Instead of coming to help me, she remove me from her household. I was lucky that my brother and his family took me in for a couple weeks before I was able to get into the shelter program.

My goals, moving forward.

Moving forward I want to find and secure housing for myself and my newborn son. I also will need to find a job, after I am medically cleared to work. I have worked in healthcare for most of my life because my mother was wheelchair bound with MS and I grew up caring for her. I am also good at jobs with cash registers and customer service. After securing a house and a job, I will need to acquire a car because I had to leave mine in Arkansas.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

The father of my child is not involved in our lives as he is still in Arkansas. I left because he was very controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive person. Towards the end of the relationship he was starting to get physically abusive. I was two weeks pregnant when I left, but I didn't find out until Christmas. At that time in my life my dad died and I settled with him out of grief and being scared of being alone.

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