I'm raising money for housing so I can shelter myself and my daughter.

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Why I'm using HandUp for housing.

I am currently fundraising to ensure the safety, upbringing, and wellbeing of my daughter.

About me.

I am from the city of Detroit. I lived in the city my whole life, the only occasion when I wasn't living there was when I attended college in Big Rapids, MI for a year. I also lived in Arizona for two years when my daughter was born due to family issues with my daughter's father. My whole life is providing a great life for my daughter.

My backstory.

I was wrongfully evicted from my previous place of residence while trying to receive rental assistance during COVID. I've been without a home for about four months. When I first moved into the resident with my daughter, I discovered that they had a problem with roaches. I informed the landlord and decided the patch up of all of the holes fulfilled my rental agreement. After a year of paying my rent, we acquired the next issue during COVID. I filled out all of my paperwork for assistance but was not able to receive the assistance because my landlord was not in accordance with her taxes.

My goals, moving forward.

The next steps after providing a new home for myself and my daughter is to ensure my professional career and goals are set in stone. My goals are to become a mobile or stationary notary and receive my tax certification to ensure employment for myself and my daughter. My goals for my daughter are to make sure she is academically one of the highest in each grade and able to become a stable pillar in her community.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is celebrating the blessing of taking my daughter to soccer camp or for a walk in the park on a beautiful summer day. Seeing my daughter happy and blessed is one of the many things that bring me joy.

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