I'm raising money for personal care items so I can purchase my basic needs and care for myself**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for personal care items.

I am currently experiencing homelessness and have asthma and fibromylagia so I need to purchase specific personal care items that are fragrance free. I am also in chronic pain as a symptom throughout the day. I am so thankful for the people out there because even though I endure a lot of negativity throughout the day I know there are a lot of people out there that do care. With your support I am able to care for myself and purchase my different needed items. Having the ability to purchase the food I need allows me to not travel all around the city for different items because the travel is really hard on my body.

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About me.

I'm from Denver Colorado, I lived through my childhood and the first part of my adulthood. I graduated high school, then went on to college and got an Associates Degree in early childhood education, I worked as a nanny while I was getting my degree and once I graduated I got a job in a preschool but quickly learned that I liked being a nanny better, I loved the setting of working in a home and I was paid to travel as well versus working in a formal preschool. I did that for 25 plus years before becoming disabled,

My backstory.

I was living with Fibromyalgia and didn't know it. I would have chronic pain all the time, finally I went to the doctor in 2016 and was diagnosed, I also was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder so I live with both mental and physical health, I struggle with both daily. I even tried to commit suicide by overdose because I just didn't want to live anymore. After being diagnosed I went and got medication to cope with my mental health and to take back my life. That's when I decided to become active, I volunteered for a program in San Francisco called Downtown streets team, cleaning up and helping serve the homeless population as I am homeless myself. I love helping people so for me to volunteer is very rewarding, I'm homeless because I can't afford to pay rent and my challenges are living day to day in constant pain but still I manage.

My goals, moving forward.

For me I'm trying to obtain permanent housing and disability benefits to sustain stability. I plan to keep looking ahead and trying to maintain healthy daily living. I'm hoping to advocate for the LGBT community, mental health and end homelessness one step at a time and one day at a time, I'm working on putting together beautiful quotes for people to brighten their day, I pass them out to random people so that they to can have their spirits lifted as mines was elevated making them and if I see someone do random acts of kindness I say hey hello human kindness and give them a message.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

For me volunteering for Downtown streets, and helping make a difference in peoples lives even if it's making the streets cleaner or lending a hand in someone's time of need. Everyone goes through things in their lives so showing humility is when I'm happiest. My proudest moment is when a man came up to me out of the blue and hugged me, he said thank you for talking to me when my head was a mess and thank you for talking to me as a human being and not a homeless person, oh and by the way I'm not homeless anymore.

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