I'm raising money for security deposit so I can find stable housin.

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Why I'm using HandUp for security deposit.

I'm currently unemployed and have a lot of bills to pay, so the fundraising would really help me with that and figuring out a stable lifestyle

About me.

I'm originally from Orchard Lake but I came over to Pontiac pretty recently, and I've lived here for about six months. My last job was as a cashier at the Salvation Army. I've been in full quarantine for about six months so I really haven't been able to spend my time doing anything but be inside and wait.

My backstory.

A lot of problems within the family: my mom wanted me to go into a mental hospital long term, then they did this 'surrender of property', she got guardianship over my son, it was all very strange.

My goals, moving forward.

Getting a job right now is my main focus.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I really have no idea what makes me happiest--I've been miserable for six months. I've honestly forgotten what it was like before all of this COVID stuff. I don't have a proudest moment or wildest dream, I just want to get out of this nightmare.

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