City Hope San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

About City Hope San Francisco

City Hope’s mission is to cultivate healthy relationships that encourage and empower our neighbors in the Tenderloin to achieve their personal goals, breaking the cycle of addiction, incarceration and isolation in our city.

City Hope was founded in 2005 by a Christian faith community that sought to connect with and support San Francisco’s marginalized residents – those struggling with addiction, mental or physical illness, cycles of incarceration, poverty and isolation.

In the early years, the founders spent much of their time listening to the needs of those neighbors and understanding which needs were not being met. City Hope began offering mentorship to men in recovery, women in the County Jail, and at-risk children at a local elementary school.

It became clear that City Hope’s main focus needed to be on building healthy relationships and offering a safe and supportive community space for our neighbors. This led to the development of the City Hope Community Center in 2015 and the City Hope House in 2016.

The Community Center and the House offer the physical space where our neighbors can build community, foster healthy relationships, continue their recovery work and, most importantly, be surrounded by others who will encourage and support them in their goals.

At City Hope, we desire to bring a polarized city together, helping to wrap our minds and hearts around the understanding that the Tenderloin neighborhood is not a problem; it is people. We believe God is at work in this neighborhood and its people. City Hope provides a safe and beautiful place to build community with our neighbors here and throughout the city.

The Tenderloin is situated in the heart of the city, and we believe in many ways it is the heart of the city. By investing in a strong and stable Tenderloin, San Francisco as a whole will benefit.

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