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Hello, my name is Cathy and I am 31 years old and this is my husband Lance, 34. We have been married for seven years, our anniversary is February 22, which is also the date we first met.

We are originally from Chicago but several years ago, in the middle of a freezing Chicago winter, we both lost our jobs. We decided to use the last little bit of our money to head south and then west. Eventually we were directed to San Francisco because of the pleasant year-round temperatures where if we were on the street at least we wouldn't freeze. Our life has been up and down since we arrived in SF, there are lots of wonderful services for the low-income and homeless but the housing crisis has been hard on all of us.

Several years ago, Lance abruptly passed out and was taken to St Francis Memorial hospital where he was diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure. He has been told he has a couple of years at best and in his case, the kidney failure is treatable but not reversible. Additionally, he hit his head when he passed out and had a concussion that has caused memory loss, damaged his short-term memory and created overall mental confusion and disorientation.

Due to several questionable landlords over the past several years, we are currently homeless and hungry and would appreciate any and all assistance you may be able to offer. Your donations would go toward: housing/rent, food, and miscellaneous hygiene and personal items (shoes, coats, etc). We understand that not everyone is financially comfortable enough to give to others but if YOU are, then please help us with a hand up!

Thank you and God bless.

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