I'm raising money for basic needs so I can replace my stolen belongings**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

I need the resources and extra help. My belongings were recently stolen. I am going through some health issues and have been having a hard time right now. Any support you can give would be very appreciated.

** NOTE TO DONORS: We value your donations, and respect your intention to support people in need with their specific fundraising goals. On occasion, the immediate needs or an emergency may arise, and a Participant might require support in another way for safety, health, housing, or employment. As such, your donation may be used for an immediate basic need not mentioned in the above goal, such as groceries, health costs, or housing support. Any changes will always be approved in advance by PHC Staff. We will provide up to date information on how these funds are being used through an update on HandUp. By making a donation to this campaign, you are confirming your approval of this potential change. If you have any questions, or do not wish that your donation be used for any alternative goals, please contact PHC staff directly.

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About me.

I recently became homeless in San Francisco. COVID has been an incredibly difficult time for me. I just recently transitioned and it's been tough! I have successfully been in recovery and my plan is to continue this road of sobriety. My life has changed in the last year and I have been able to keep up with the changes and look forward to being permanently housed. Once I have achieved that I will be able to get back into the workplace and continue to put all the pieces of my life together.

While this has been challenging I have felt the good graces of others that understand my journey and support me emotionally.

I am a people person and I love brightening people's days! I worked as a concierge and in the customer service industry. I recently became unemployed but am working hard to get back on my feet. I just need a leg up to get through this difficult time so I can get back to my passion - lifting up the people around me!

My backstory.

I lost work and couldn't keep up with financial responsibilities of affording to live in San Francisco. I have been houseless and living on the streets as I wait for opportunities to arise. I refuse to give up my dream and living my life as I see it to be.

The support that I am asking for is to be able to afford a living situation that will allow me to continue to follow my dreams. Any donation that can assist me will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

My goals, moving forward.

I am working hard to get my own place again and get back into the workforce. I am capable and actively searching for employment and stable housing. This has been a struggle considering world events at the moment, but my faith is strong.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I am a very outgoing and social person and I love helping other people. I like to volunteer and give back to my community whenever possible. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story.

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