I'm raising money for basic needs so I can get settled in my new home in Arizona.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

I moved to Mesa, AZ in January 2018. I was looking forward to living in a slower pace and more affordable environment. It has been more challenging to adjust than I anticipated. There was a change in my benefits that have made it difficult to make ends meet. There are laws in Arizona preventing me from getting a medication I used to manage chronic pain. The extreme heat has made utilities very high. I pay my landlord for the utilities and they are in his name so I'm not eligible for any assistance. I have continued to work with PHC during my time in Arizona and have used HandUp for support with groceries. I'm also hoping to pay utilities and order a new birth certificate, which costs about $50. I would appreciate any support you can provide during this time.

About me.

I have held many positions in as many different occupations. But I've been laid off from my last 8 jobs in the past dozen or so years. Most of my longer jobs were in construction trades in low paying rural areas for minimal wages with no benefits and no work in the winter months in the northeast.

While in the northeast, I had a family to support, and later was a single dad for 8 years. My youngest son attended Penn State in PA.

I came to California from New Jersey after being laid off from a security position in Atlantic City. I stayed with a friend in southern California while I got a job in yet another new field: Auto Body. 4 months later I was let go again due to the business being very slow.

After exhausting my savings, and not being able to find work in So-Cal I came to San Francisco with plans to connect with someone I'd known online for a couple years, get situated and find work. But she never showed, and I became homeless for the 1st time at the age of 49.

The construction work, the standing 10-12 hours a day in security, and the many ways I've worn myself down had caught up and I became temporarily disabled while working for my government assistance (welfare/foodstamps) that I had to in order to obtain a bed in a shelter. I slept in various shelters for a year so I wouldn't be on the street, and so I could shower daily.

While staying in the shelters I continuously kept trying to better my situation. I took a micro-enterprise/small business entrepreneurial course and graduated from with a certificate, and I qualified for a $1,500 grant to cover the paperwork, licensing etc. I took two art classes at city college, completed a hotel desk clerk course (another certificate). I have a disability case active which can take years, I have since moved into a SRO single room occupancy with no bathroom, or kitchen that I pay $318.00 a month out of my $422.00 gov. assistance money. I get $180.00 in foodstamps which does not afford me many basic necessities, and causes me to literally starve one week of every month.

So yes I truly am a starving artist. I have been an artist as far back as I can remember and got sidetracked with life's obligations. I was published for my art, in both my writing, and my drawings. I am currently working with what I can afford, doing portraits in charcoal, pencil, or ink. My forte is creative concepts, and designs and work in many different mediums, painting, engraving, woodburning, silk-screening, recycled projects using disregarded materials, etc.

I am serious about changing this current situation but need some assistance to get back on my feet. Any support in any way including contribution of unused or obsolete equipment- printer, camera, etc. would help in my process of creating art. Please feel free to contact me through HandUp.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my profile and show interest. A huge thank you to anyone who choses to contribute or show support in any way!

Sincerely, Kyle

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

As an artist, I work in many different medium. These are examples of my wood-burnings--I do plaques, boxes, trims, etc. I create any designs on wood.

Wood-Burning Art

Charcoal & Ink Portraits

Hand Painted Vinyl Records

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