I'm raising money for food and clothing so I can make ends meet & worry less about getting my basic needs**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for food and clothing.

I am only receiving a minor income every month, which only allows me make certain ends meet. I usually find myself short in the middle of the month and really in need of food, clothing and paying for my phone bill. The organization that has helped me with this fundraising profile they have the ability to give me gift cards. Even though I will not be receiving cash specifically, they have given me the opportunity for gift cards, checks, and to even purchase online. This opportunity I find very interesting. It occupies some of my time to be more positive and stay involved with something productive. Any and or all donations is going to help me extremely and is highly and most appreciated.

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About me.

I grew up in Marin County, California and I am now back in San Francisco from Florida where I spent an excessive amount of time. However, most of my life has been on and off in the Bay Area. In San Francisco, I know live in only low-income, supportive housing. I am currently trying to find more reasonable accommodations. I do attend a mental health clinic, where I receive clinical psychiatric and psychological support, which is helping me a great deal. Some of the diagnosis came from unfortunate trauma that happened in my life and dealing with that is pretty difficult. My therapist has recommended me to get involved with some types of volunteer opportunity that I am currently seeking and will be happy to let you know when that takes place and what I am doing. However, staying active with any type of employment has been difficult for many years. I haven't lost hope in life, there are still many positive goals that I would like to achieve.

My backstory.

I was suffering from addiction for many years which made it difficult for me to stay productive and have self-esteem. I am in recovery and I do notice things getting better. My current situation is living in supportive housing that I choose to use as a stepping stone only for something more reasonable. To be honest, I have lived in difficult times and a difficult life because of things that happened in my childhood. I have lots of hope to become much healthier.

My goals, moving forward.

A goal that I have had for a very long time is to take some sort of class of interest to gain a certificate, maybe a degree and/or diploma. Another goal is to obtain better housing. Another goal is to keep seeking companionship, such as a relationship.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

It makes me happiest when I know that me and my family are safe and healthy. One of my proudest moment would be when I came back to California. My wildest dream would be to be a movie star.

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