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About me.

Until recently I was an essential worker at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor. I was in a major auto accident which has led to a health condition that is affecting my spine and mobility. I've gotten behind on my rent and am working with my healthcare providers to schedule an upcoming surgery. I could really use assistance right now to be able to concentrate on my health and recovery.

My backstory.

I lived in Detroit Michigan all my life born and raised. Until recently, I worked at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor Michigan. Before staying at a shelter program, I was going through a divorce with my ex-husband and my mother and father let me move in with them while I made a plan moving forward. I had been preparing and hoping to save enough to move into my own place, but this move came sooner when our country was struck with the Covid-19 crisis. Because my parents have underlying health conditions and I work in the hospital, I knew I could not risk their exposure by continuing to live with them. Unfortunately this left me homeless and seeking shelter from the SOS program. Afterwards, I was able to move into my own housing and am seeking to continue my education and rebuild my stability.

My goals, moving forward.

My goals are to recover successfully from a major surgery and be able to stay in my home. Eventually I want to find work that I'll be able to do with my current health struggles and would like to find an IT program.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I am happiest when I am at church. My proudest moment is when I graduated from high school. I pray that one day I will be blessed to have a family of my own.

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