I'm raising money for Transportation, food, and decent clothing so I can sustain my well-being**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for Transportation, food, and decent clothing.

I am fundraising for my needs currently.

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About me.

I'm from Texas born and raised, I never married or had any children. I have 4 siblings who still reside in Texas.

My backstory.

I took up Truck driving at the age of 26 which was my passion, I drove for 13 years until I was diagnosed with Demaculative degeneration disease which causes vision loss, unfortunately I had to stop driving which caused depression and then I started using drugs heavily to numb myself.

I then decided I didn't want to live that life anymore, I inherited some money, not much but enough for me to pick up and move southeast to San Francisco, I heard about the many resources they had and wanted to try it out since I've always wanted to live out of state. I got to San Francisco 4/7/15 and met a gentleman who happened to be homeless and told me about Project Homeless Connect and said they had referrals to point me in the right direction and from there I followed him the next day to the drop in appointments that was held at their office, I sat down with someone and they directed to me to Health right 360 and I told them my story.

From there they sent me to a detox where I completed a 14 day cycle, from there I went into residential treatment for a year. I successfully completed the program, got a job as dishwasher for awhile but still am unable to find housing, I was doing well after completing the program, then I relapsed, I was unaware of the mental issues I had and couldn't process my thoughts properly so at that point I decided for myself to seek out a therapist and from there I was referred to a Psychiatrist who diagnosed with Schizophrenia and that's overwhelming for me, I've always been an active and self sufficient person so it's hard on me as a man having trouble providing for myself and trying to adjust to this new way of life, but with support and making sure that I work my resources and stay connected to providers I can do it!

My goals, moving forward.

Since being diagnosed I'm trying to put the pieces of my life back together, I need stable housing, I'm working all my resources, I'm hooked up with a case manager who is advocating on my behalf to get on disability and to get me into housing. I need transportation, hygiene, decent clothing and food in the meantime. Every little bit helps, I would like to say thank you in advance, to be able to open up your hearts and minds to hear and listen to us means everything.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I'm happiest when I can prepare a good meal, I love to cook. If I could help people by lending a hand when I can, and learning something new everyday. My proudest moment was when I got my CDL and completed culinary school.

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