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About me.

I am from the South and I have been in San Francisco for almost two years. I started doing concrete and asphalt work when I was younger. Work plays out in the winter time, so I started learning plumbing. I learned how to do PVC pipe, carper pipe and tiling. At that time, I was married and had a wife and children. I don't have that anymore, but I still have that skillset I can use and would like to share with others.

My backstory.

When I was married, things didn't work out the way I thought it should, so I started doing things that was not law-abiding, getting in trouble with the law, trying to make her love me when she didn't. In the end it didn't work out, I ended up leaving because I didn't want to end up in long-term incarceration. I hitch-hiked to California.

My goals, moving forward.

I would like to spend my time walking on the water with a girlfriend (which I don't have), going to church and just trying to live life on life's terms. It's important to praise the Lord. I haven't always been that type of person, but that's what I am striving to.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

My happiest moment is when I first got married. I felt complete. My wildest dream would be to become a millionaire, get married again, live life, live in a small home in the country and not have to worry about paying bills. That would be the best moment of my life.

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