I'm raising money for basic needs.

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About me.

I am from Florida. I was living in Virginia off and on since 1989. I have been in San Francisco for two and a half months. Due to these circumstances beyond my control, I do not have a job and am unable to work because I have degenerative discs in my back.

My backstory.

My current situation is that I am homeless. My Disability income is going to restart in the future, and I need clothing and household items so that when I find a place of residence I will have a start to become established.

My goals, moving forward.

My ultimate goal is to be reunited to my family: my father and children. My father is disabled and he lives in Florida. He needs help to meet his basic needs. I cannot move there right now, so I need to establish myself in San Francisco first and then ultimately work to move to Florida.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is being connected to family. My proudest moment is when my daughter received a full scholarship to medical school and when my son graduated from high school earlier this month.

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