I'm raising money for basic needs so I can have household items.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

I am a survivor. I am re-establishing my life and finally getting situated in a place after five years of being homeless. I currently only have the things I'm able to carry on my back. I need some help to make my unit comfortable.

About me.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I have recently returned back to the city after 17 years of being gone. I was in the medical field, board certified through American Medical Tech I am certified Medical Administrative Specialist and board certified registered Medical Assistance. While I was away from the city, I lived and worked in New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Seattle, Washington.

My backstory.

I returned to San Francisco and unfortunately became temporally disable. I am working towards becoming healthier again because i want to go back to work so I can support my son and continue to do the work that I love.

My goals, moving forward.

I am currently living in a emergency shelter and need assistance in transportation and clothing. This will will assist me greatly in attaining my goals. This is an urgent request and any donation will be greatly appreciated. I am in great need of warm clothing!

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is my spirituality, family, true friends and my beautiful gifted son, Zion, who will soon make a difference on this planet. Honestly, I already know he is making a difference in this planet.

Thank you in advance to all those who see my cause as our cause. Children are truly our future!

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