I'm raising money for rent so I can stay on track after losing a part of my income to covid-19.

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Why I'm using HandUp for rent.

I'm using handup right now because I'm not able to make money on the side as a hair and makeup artist in my community because of needs to social distance during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's especially tough because I know these professions will need to be extra careful moving forward and it may be a little while before things get back to normal. I'm doing everything I can to keep my children on their normal routine and to keep up on bills to stay in our home.

About me.

I am a single mother of four and I use to live in Pontiac, but I moved to Holly eight years ago so my children could have access to better schools. I use to work before injuring my back, and I now attend physical therapy to strengthen my muscles and better my health. I am currently seeking local colleges to get a degree so that I can pursue my dreams.

My backstory.

About a year ago I was homeless because I was unable to renew my lease. I was in a relationship, and those two incomes helped provide for my family, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer in a relationship. Now I am currently living in a mobile home with the help of my mother co-signing, trying to make ends meet.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal is to continue to provide for my children and get better control of my life. I am currently working towards getting a good credit score and attending physical therapy to grow stronger and healthier. I plan to attend a local college one day soon so that I can earn a degree in business and start my own company. I am determined to support my family, and one day I would like to be able to help others who are in a position similar to my own.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

My proudest moments were when I graduated from Cosmetology school, regained guardianship of my children, and when I moved into my current mobile home with my children. I dream of one day being able to save up enough money to take my children to Disney World.

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