I'm raising money for service dog and servicing, licensing fees so I can provide emotional support to my son**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for service dog and servicing, licensing fees.

Our families last service animal died a few months back, while we were in shelters. I and my 8-year-old son both needed a service/emotional support dog. We had a Teacup Yorkie for six years. We've been homeless for a year, and now have found permanent housing. It's been really hard not having our little dog to love and help us with our emotional needs. Our last service/emotional support dog was like family to us!

We need a service/emotional support dog for our family because:

  • A service dog will help with our families disabilities

  • A service dog will help with my son's anxiety and emotional needs

  • A service dog will help with the families PTSD from being in a past domestic violence situation - that we have fled from and stayed safe ever since

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About me.

We are from Las Vegas, NV and moved to San Francisco to help out grandmother after she had a stroke. But in the process we became homeless upon her death. We have been homeless for a year now in San Francisco. We love going to the park especially we miss going to dog parks with our last service dog.

My backstory.

We became homeless due to moving to San Francisco to take care of my grandmother after she had a stroke. When my grandmother died, we became homeless and started living in shelters throughout San Francisco County. We had a six year old Teacup Yorkie that also passed away (died) a few months ago. This broke our hearts even more! My son and I need to have an emotional service animal to help with our disabilities.

My goals, moving forward.

We have just found permanent housing, and I am in job training to get a decent job so that I can support us better. We are still in great need of a service animal right now. All my son wanted was a home and another service/emotional support dog.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes my eight year old the happiest is having a home with a service dog that he can read books to, take on walks, play at the dog parks and when my son is feeling emotionally down he needs a service/emotional support dog to love and feel secure and safe . When we had our last service dog she was like a little sister to him and I was a mamma to her.

Things we enjoyed about and did with our last service dog:

  • We always celebrated Christmas with giving our service dog gifts

  • We enjoyed walking our service dog to and from my son's school

  • All the school kids knew our service dog

  • Our service/emotional support dog always slept with my son

  • Our service/emotional support loved going to the dog park

  • We took our service dog camping with us every summer

  • We loved playing ball and fetch with our dog

  • We loved to kiss and hug and share love with our service dog

  • Our service dog always dressed up for Halloween - last Halloween - My son dressed up as Darth Vader and our dog dressed up as Princess Leia

  • Our dog sometimes visited my son's classroom to help other children with disabilities in the classroom

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