I'm raising money for Basic needs, food and clothing so I can have a decent meal and clothes to be presentable**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for Basic needs, food and clothing.

I am fund raising for food, clothing and cat food. I have been struggling financially since losing my job.

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About me.

I'm from Tulsa Oklahoma, when I turned 17 my mother kicked me out of the house, so I was a teenager with no money and no where to go so I got on a plane and came to California to live with my aunt, that didn't last but three weeks. I then hopped on another plane to Baton Rouge Louisiana to live with my sister, I got a job at law firm for the next ten years.

My backstory.

After working with the law firm for ten years they dis-banned and I ended up moving back to Texas, where I got a job as a consultant for an oil company and then I was let go. I Stayed a while longer in Texas and spent my 401K on rent I bought a brand new car. I then got a DUI where my license was suspended indefinitely After going through my savings I couldn't afford the ticket, the ticket was for $350.00. I moved again back to San Francisco where I got odd jobs, I got a great apartment on Russian Hill that was rent controlled, then in 2012 they sold the building and I couldn't afford the rent anymore so again I was displaced. At the time a friend took me in and then she later died so that put me back on the street and from there I've been in and out of shelters.I finally got a case manager and was put into a program where I now have housing, it isn't ideal but it's a start and I'm safe and off the streets. I have been struggling financially for the past 15 to 20 years, so I am fund raising to help me maintain dignity and self worth.

My goals, moving forward.

I am grateful for housing but it's in a dilapidated part of town and I have physical and mental issues, it physically ill because there's so much excrement and animal feces and I need to just get out of that neighborhood so that is my goal to try and find other housing.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I happiest when I;m surrounded by good people and music. I'm an intellectual so holding a meaningful conversation is priceless, I love to care for other people, and i love a good laugh. My proudest moment is when I worked in Corporate at Feldman, Waldman and Klein, I love dealing with people.

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