I'm raising money for basic needs so I can feed and clothe myself while I rehabilitate from an accident.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

In the spring of 2016, I started a business that did recycling and small sales called "Bees Mobile Recycle and Small Sales." Without my knowledge, I was being watched and became a target of theft. What started as 1-4 bags of recycling turned into 20-30 bags but I had issues including no reliable transportation to the distribution center to cash in so I would lose a lot of these bags to people who would steal them from me. One individual drove off with 20 of my bags. One night while working there, I went to sleep and was beaten, kicked and sodomized by four men and found unconscious in the street left for dead. Because of my previous drinking, no police report was made and I was unable to press charges. I was taken to UC Medical and then was transferred to a long-term hospital in Burlingame, CA. Nearly two years later "Bees Mobile Recycle and Small Sales" is still here and with a more sensible approach.

I'm fundraising because I am in need of a truck, storage, flyers and location change to help me to continue the business. I would like to acquire a service vehicle that will house and transport large quantities of glass and aluminum. This will help me secure my bottles and cans and cut down on storage. I usually have to rent a storage place but if I have a vehicle I'll be able to keep some of the recyclable materials there and transport them on a daily basis. I'll be able to broaden my horizons, rather than just going from block to block. I am sober and know that with Hand Up I will not only help myself but other women like myself who know we can do it and turn our life around to make an honest living. Any of your help will be appreciated.

About me.

I grew up in this city. I went to school here in San Francisco, and I've worked off and on, anywhere from warehouse to construction. I have a son, and when I had him I moved to Stockton, CA, where I raised him in that calmer environment. I went back to school when I was there, and then when my son got of age, I moved back to San Francisco. I had a period of incarceration from a substance abuse issue; I made it through a program, and a parole period tied me down to the system. But I've always still managed to maintain a job, which is difficult from that history. So when I first got my trucking license, it took me three years to get a job.

My backstory.

I was able to work off and on for small trucking companies and with "Bees Mobile Recycle and Small Sales". When you have to work for some small companies, you get no benefits and I did not always get paid. This cost me my apartment and everything, and put me back at square one. This city is the best city to get services and to get on your feet, and that's why I came here.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal is to not give up and throw in the towel. I would like to be able to greet the tourists, sell my little trinkets, and brighten someone's day. Even though this isn't the way I saw things planned, I would like to be able to pursue this business to get back on my feet. To me, it's like giving back to San Francisco; the people here are caring and nurturing, and I want to give back to them.

My plan is to eventually get a decent van and convert it into an area that has shelving to store and display my wares. Then I can move around to different areas to sell my wares. I'm a good driver and this would open up possibilities for me to use my license and maintain stability.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

Today, I'm most proud and grateful that I haven't given up, and I still want to fight the good fight. We fall down, but we get up. I just want to personally thank San Francisco; I love this city. Anything is possible here. It keeps you fighting.

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