I'm raising money for dentures so I can smile with teeth.

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Why I'm using HandUp for dentures.

I am using hand up to procure dentures for a healthier lifestyle and to promote that lifestyle to others.

About me.

I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have lived in Corvallis for four years and love to create art. I have a service animal named "snickers" who helps me with staying sober & socializing. I also have a mom and sister who I am close with.

My backstory.

I got out of homelessness when I came to COI--via medical respite and I struggle every day with challenges, but I always try to make the right decisions. My challenges have been dealing with medical issues, past drug abuse and past trauma that can make life very difficult. The reason I was homeless was due to not having proper medical care prior to COI.

My goals, moving forward.

After my dentures, I want to start pursuing copy writing for my art. I want to put my art on hand bags, hats, tee shirts. Additionally, I want to continue to grow in a community (Corvallis) where I have support.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

My happiest time was getting my dog "snickers" and seeing my mom again after not seeing her for 4 years. My proudest moment was seeing the twinkle in my mom's eye. My wildest dream is to have my own art and go around the world with my art.

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