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Why I'm using HandUp for past rent.

A few months ago I was forced to be homeless after I lost my job and became delinquent on my payments. I am now in a housing program which is supporting me with my housing search. I have found it challenging to move into new housing because of this outstanding debt I currently have.

About me.

My name is Tracey, a 25 year old native of Oakland, CA. I am post graduate of San Francisco State University and recently graduated May 2014 with my B.A. in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts with minor in World Music and Dance. In addition, I am also a community advocate and have worked in the social justice and non-profit field since the early age of 13, thus I have developed a deep compassion for helping others. Overall I am a proclaimed role model for youth, inspiring radio jockette and choreographer.

My backstory.

After graduation, I was unemployed and became homeless. Although I am currently living in a temporary shelter program I believe that with some financial assistance I can afford to pay my remaining housing debt. Because I have a previous housing debt it has been difficult to find housing that I will qualify for. Nevertheless, I want to remove the debt from my credit so I can move forward to become eligible for permanent housing.

My goals, moving forward.

My short term goals are to follow my dreams by finding a full time job. Secondly, I hope to pay off my remaining housing debt while securing permanent housing in Oakland or Bay Area to continue pursuing my career in radio and dance

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