I'm raising money for basic needs so I can improve my life, go back to school and write a book.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

Thank You in Advance for your time.

In my personal rebuild project from ground zero I now build a castle from the ruins. I am challenged to review, process, and rebuild dreams of a once healthy, young, 18 year old E1 Navy recruit.

With support and understanding the community from which I and my family served.

I am writing a memoir "The Battle For Me. The Battle For We." sharing online its development for feedback, as I unravel a story I never completely understood before which includes not only my own military history but also startling recent discoveries I was actually the son of my missing dad who was discovered to be a Vietnam Combat Vet 1968, and through him discovery my Grandpa his Father was a WW2 Navy Vet Battle of Midway and the Coral Sea.

The story written in real time shows a man processing he was living life serving his country in harms way honorably not knowing he was the 3rd Generation of Military.

Having no strong family to return to I ended up going homeless and suffering before I discovered the family men before me were injured in some way by service as well.

Now with your support, I begin "The Battle For Me. The Battle For We."


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