I'm raising money for furniture so I can furnish my new apartment.

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Why I'm using HandUp for furniture.

I just received keys to my new apartment!! It is truly a dream come true. I am finally housed after a long and difficult time in my life. I can't wait to get my life on track and finally feel safe and at peace. I am so grateful to South Oakland Shelter for helping me with this opportunity. I am fundraising for furniture so I can make my new apartment into a home. I don't need much, but I am hoping to raise enough to get a bed to sleep in and a sofa along with some other basic need items to get me started. I currently do not have any income, and I am completely starting over. Everything I have I carry in a backpack.

About me.

I have lived in Royal Oak, Madison Heights, and Warren, MI. I used to work at Meijer's for 2 years working as a gas station clerk, but I lost my hearing. This made it difficult to work with customers so I wasn't able to keep working. I am adjusting to losing my hearing and have filed for disability. I am told it can take a long time to get disability, and I am worried about how I will be able to take care of myself.

My backstory.

My girlfriend and I were living in Shelby Township for about 6 months in a trailer. We didn't have heat, electric or water. My girlfriend has two sons, and we couldn't let them live this way. My girlfriend's sister let us move in with her for about 5 months, but she has 6 children. The older children started hurting my girlfriend's children. When we tried to address the issue with my girlfriend's sister, she became angry and kicked all 4 of us out. We had no where to go and were living in a park.

My girlfriend ended up finding a friend that let her and the boys move in temporarily, but they didn't have room for me. I was able to stay at South Oakland Shelter, which is where I am currently. Due to our situation and all the stress we were under, my girlfriend broke up with me. I am alone and trying to find housing of my own. Things have been really hard, but I am trying to focus on moving forward and making a life for myself.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal now is to focus on finding a home of my own. I am really trying to get my life back on track and move forward. I found an attorney to help me with my disability case, and I am hoping to get approved so I will have income to support myself.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

After everything I have been through, what would make me happiest is to get a home so I can feel safe and start rebuilding my life. I would eventually like to spend more time with my daughter. If I have a home of my own, she has a place to visit and we can spend more time together.

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