I'm raising money for clothing and furniture so I can maintain my housing**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for clothing and furniture.

I am using HandUp to help me raise money for furniture and clothing. I recently transitioned into housing of my own. It's a place to stay but is bare bones. I have one little chair. I would like a proper chair to be able to rest in and dishes so that I can cook for myself. Thanks so much for your support! I want to be able to live a regular life and have a healthy home. Thank you.

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About me.

An original San Franciscan, I was born at San Francisco General Hospital, and raised in the Western Addition section of the city. I have lived in the city all of my life, except for the visitations with family members from Texas but most of any family I have lives here in the Bay Area, Antioch.

In the past I have been a janitor with the City and County of San Francisco. I also worked for the Dept. of Public Works, and the now defunct, Redevelopment Agency. I have been a cook, detailed cars, worked for Parks and Recreation, and a whole lot of other stuff to to keep myself employed and busy.

My backstory.

The way I came to my present situation was via a lengthly road. I had some deaths in the family, loss and all that stuff that goes with loss. I took some time to think about things as I struggled with the loss. I took so long in fact everything changed around me and I became without housing, and a person experiencing homelessness.

My goals, moving forward.

At present, I am steadily progressing toward housing. I am filling out every application I can get my hands onto. I have gotten my physical and emotional health together, as well as my total overall experience. My goal(s) moving forward is to succeed, and have a life that will net me happiness, and joyfulness.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I would also like to explore further education, and possibly, some stipened or volunteer work to fill my day and build valuable skills needed for my total recovery.

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