I'm raising money for application fees/security deposit so I can move into a new apartment.

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Why I'm using HandUp for application fees/security deposit.

I'm lucky that I'm still able to work during the pandemic, but with the reduced hours I could use a little help with application fees. My goal is to move to a place that's closer to work and doesn't have the issues that my current building has. The maintenance here has a hard time keeping up with important repairs that are needed and I'd like to live in an apartment building that doesn't have issues with pests. I'm caught up with my bills and made a budget to stay on track for rent now i'm trying to move on to improve my life.

About me.

I'm originally from the East side of Detroit, moved in 2010 to Macomb county and experienced homelessness on and off at that time. I stayed at hotels for awhile while I was working until things got rough.

I got into a house after saving a lot of money, but one emergency wiped me out and I ended up going to South Oakland Shelter. They helped me get my own place again after I had saved up enough money for a security deposit. I'm still taking the bus a long ways to get to work but I get time to listen to my music on the way.

I want to stay in housing and keep up with my niece who I love going to visit. I have a budget and am taking care of everything, but i'm trying to save some on the side in case another emergency comes up.

My backstory.

My job put me on FMLA for a couple of months and I got too far behind on my bills.

My goals, moving forward.

I want to stay in a stable home for good. Right now I'm looking to move into an apartment that's closer to work and has better maintenance.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I look for and listen to music, music gets me going and through the day. When I have the chance I'm big into video games like football and call of duty.

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