I'm raising money for kitchen appliances and a queen sized bed so I can cook for my children and have a bed to sleep in.

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Why I'm using HandUp for kitchen appliances and a queen sized bed.

My appliances all went out and I have no place to cook or keep food cold. We run out of food fast and I don't have a good way to feed my children healthy food on a budget. My children each have a bed to sleep in, but now I am in need of one too.

For a long time I didn't have no one. It was just me and by babies and we went through bad times with no place to sleep, nothing to eat and just having a hard time. Now I am with a program called Neighborhood Legal Services and they helped me with housing for me and my kids. I am 36-years-old with four kids: twins ages 9, one daughter who is 11 and a one-year-old. I do everything by myself so if you guys can help in any way we would be so blessed.

About me.

I am from Detroit Michigan. I have lived here my whole life. My mom passed away when I was 5-years-old and I never knew who my dad was. I've just had a rough life. I was in and out of foster care my whole life and never really had a good life. That's my I am trying to make life better for my kids. I am all they've got. I'm trying to find reliable employment and childcare. Transportation challenges and a lack of reliable childcare make it difficult to work consistently. Right now I am working for temp agencies and take whatever positions are available to me.

My backstory.

I've struggled with mental illness all of my life. I was in a mental health program and they helped with housing and put me in the housing program with Neighborhood Legal Services. Being in the fostercare system as a kid and not having supports or a good education as I became an adult led to me having a tough time keeping a job and maintaining a place to live. I am trying to turn my life around with the help of Neighborhood Legal Services.

My goals, moving forward.

I am trying to get a job that will be long-term. My focus is always on taking care of my children. Eventually I would love to get a car for me and my kids. Our biggest goal is just to be happy together as a family.

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