I'm raising money for laptop & repair tools so I can be successful in my computer repair classes**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for laptop & repair tools.

I am looking to begin classes at CCSF to learn how to repair and upgrade laptops. I worked in construction and am a Senior citizen now so I am retraining to do something that is more suitable for me. I am fundraising for a laptop and laptop repair tools so I can be successful in my classes and learn a new trade. I'd like to open up my own repair business in the end.

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About me.

I'm from Georgia. I've been living in California for 20 years. I am recently retired and worked in as a construction worker most of my life. I have decided to do something after retirement and I thought after construction I'd do something real easy like computers so I can sit down and work. I like the idea of repairing and fixing things and making them better and tinkering around with stuff.

My backstory.

I wish I would of had someone to tell me years ago that I should have stayed in the military because I would have retired at 40. I was a kid at the time. Since leaving the military, I stayed in California when my mother also moved here. Since 1985 I've been somewhere around in California back and forth. Now I am no longer comfortable with my home state of Georgia and I feel more comfortable as a resident of California. I changed my citizenship to California.

My goals, moving forward.

I'd like to one day have my own shop to repair computers and help people to keep their lives going and not be bored and I'd like to earn a decent income. I like short stories and poems. I'd like to publish one someday!

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

When I open my repair business anyone that donates to me gets 25% off for life! :)

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