I'm raising money for basic needs so I can get stabilize with housing and better my life.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

I am in need of housing, clothes, food, tickets payment.

About me.

I am originally from Detroit. I have lived in San Francisco for 20 years. I use to work at the YMCA as a janitor and I was a cook at Pioneer Chicken. In my time I try to look for housing by getting on waiting lists and I go to clean and sober programs like the Salvation Army to help me. I have been clean and sober 3 years.

I would like to fundraise for housing and to get my GED.

My backstory.

I got on drugs and alcohol for 15 years. I stayed in hotel rooms not having a solid place to live like an apartment. I am homeless because the housing is not affordable because the rent is too high.

My goals, moving forward.

I am on SSI but that is not enough to live in the city. My dream is to have nice affordable housing. Nice clothes, a wife and enough money to not worry about anything.

Once I get situated, I would like to get my GED and take up a trade like carpentary.

Once I have my life together I would like to help other homeless people.

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