I'm raising money for moving expenses and security deposit so I can move into stable housing**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for moving expenses and security deposit.

!!!!!!!!BIG NEWS!!!!!! I entered and won a housing lottery and I am now apartment hunting!!!!!!!!! I have a pending social security application and I am still unable to work at this time, so I need support with a security deposit and moving expenses so that I can move into housing!!!!!

I am currently recovering from an 11 hour surgery, which can take at least a year. While I am in recovery, I am not able to work and I need to maintain my YMCA membership and Internet service. This will help me maintain my health while I am recovering, and I will be able to use the Internet to explore new housing and career/life opportunities.

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About me.

I was born in California, and spent the last fifteen years of my life in Europe. I have been back in San Francisco since September 2014. Previously, in Europe, I worked in Banking.

I currently live in transitional housing, where I will be recovering from surgery and trying to arrange future housing and career opportunities.

My backstory.

My situation in Europe was not the best, I was fired from my employment at the bank after I became a Gender patient. I remained in Europe looking for work with sparse opportunities then was forced to return to San Francisco because I became completely destitute there. Thus, I arrived back here in San Francisco completely destitute.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I enjoy music, computers, comedy, and art/literature.

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