I'm raising money for basic needs so I can purchase the items that I need to survive.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

Thank you so much for the laptop! It is so greatly appreciated!

I am now fundraising for basic needs like food and clothing as I am on a very limited income. Any support you can provide me would be so helpful!

About me.

I have been in the city for 27 years. I was raised in Oakland but I was born in Tennessee. I like to go to the park, my favorite time is watching TV and movies. I use to love to walk and hike but have not had as much as a chance to do this recently. I have 6 grandkids and have only seen 1. The oldest one is 22 years old and she uses skype. Having a computer will allow me to communicate and see my grandkids.

My backstory.

I was homeless here for 13 years before I got my place. I had my place for 12 years. I just lost my housing 8 months ago so now I am experiencing homelessness again and it is messing with my relationships. I really need to get housing. It is hard to find a place because they want to put you in an SRO and that is a hotel. They are asking for a lot of money and I only have $800 a month. When I first moved into a place it was around $600 but now all the prices are moving up. We ran into a bad situation where the landlord is trying to get everyone out after living there for over 10 years.

Having a computer would be lifechanging as it would allow me to search and apply for permanent housing. Finding a job requires email and searching for listings online these days. I'm ready to get to work, I just need this one piece to help get me there.

My goals, moving forward.

My goals are just to see my grandkids before it's too late. I'd also like to go back to school, as I dropped out in the 11th grade. Having a computer would allow me to get my G.E.D. online. This has been a lifelong goal of mine and will help me as I seek employment.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

It would make me happy if I could go see my mother. She is 83 years old and I haven't seen her in 10 years.

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