I'm raising money for basic needs so I can go back to school.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.


I was staying with my Godmother and our apartment just got flooded! It's been difficult getting everything together to go back to school and this flooding just set me back. My clothes, my laptop, my sewing machine, everything I had got ruined!

I'm trying to go back to school to improve my life but I cannot catch a break! I'm now fundraising on HandUp for a laptop so that I can get my certificate at school, get back to work, and move forward with my life.

About me.

I am originally from Stockton, California. I have lived in San Francisco for 2 years. I was working at the Mariott Hotel but I injured my back about 2 years ago but am hoping to become employed part-time as a teacher's aid assistant. I am looking for a job that won't put strain on my back, and will be attending my first semester at City College of San Francisco this Fall Semester.

My backstory.

If I had not injured my back, things would have been smooth sailing. I wasn't making big money at the Marriot but it did afford me my living. When I injured my back, I just did not have the money put away to stay a float. I lived check to check, and supported a family, so it was difficult to put any money away under those conditions.

When I got injured I was no longer able to afford my housing and I had to move to the shelter. When I was living in a shelter, Project Homeless Connect helped me keep my head up. This resource has been a great help. I am currently staying with my god mom for now, but I would eventually like to be self-sufficient and independent.

My goals, moving forward.

I am actively working towards getting my childcare certificate through City College. I was working as a teachers assistant before COVID but was laid off due to the pandemic. With my certification I will be ready to get back to work in my dream job and finally afford housing of my own!

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I like to help older people, teenagers, and kids. I like swimming, bowling, and shopping. I have four kids that I am close with. I talk to them every weekend. I am a fun person to hang out with and I get along with a lot of people.

I am a committed volunteer and have volunteered at Project Homeless Connect's events many times. I showed participants around the event and directed them to services.

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