I'm raising money for furniture so I can replace the items destroyed by flooding in my apartment**.

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Why I'm using HandUp for furniture.

I lost everything in my apartment in December of 2017 due to a flood caused by an upstairs neighbor. The flooding from upstairs made contact with the asbestos popcorn in the ceiling and all of my belongings were contaminated. I lost everything. It would have cost more to clean everything than dispose of it and replace it. I was relocated by the landlord for four months because my apartment was inhabitable. Now I'm back in my apartment, starting over, but my living room is empty and I have no furniture.

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About me.

I was raised in Alabama, lived in New Mexico, and joined the Navy. I moved to San Diego for basic training. I served at the Concord Weapons Station and did a tour in Vietnam. After I got out of the Navy, I worked in the shipyard in Vallejo. I met my daughter's mother in 1971. I moved to San Francisco in 1973. I raised my daughter and son in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point. I worked and went to school. I attended City College and San Francisco State through the Upward Bound program for veterans. I worked at Sears from 1979 to 1986. For the last 16 years, I've been doing volunteer work in the Bayview with food bank activities. As a volunteer, I support families with kids in getting access to food, clothing, diapers, and other supplies.

My backstory.

Because of the flooding that happened in my apartment, I have no furniture and lost most of my belongings. I haven't been able to be comfortable in my home or invite friends or family over. Furniture is expensive and I don't have the funds to purchase any. Through my renters' insurance, I was able to purchase a bed, but that was the only thing that was covered. I am experiencing financial hardship. I've done everything I can to find out what my rights are in this situation. But I have been in survival mode, trying to get back to my place and replace my belongings.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal is to get back to where I once was - to be comfortable and not all stressed out. I take my medication everyday so I don't get depressed. My goal is to get myself back together so I can branch out and help others get back on their feet.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

Putting smiles on peoples' faces makes me happiest -- and going fishing. My son is 37 and two years ago he got his BA from SF State University. I have a grandson that just graduated from high school and got a scholarship for UCLA for four years. My grandson set a few records running track for school. He got athlete of the year. I am very proud of them.

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