I'm raising money for basic needs so I can afford plates, silverware, pots, pans, and other basic household items to live comfortably in my new housing.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

This is a picture of my old home. This is an image of where I thought my permanent home would be in "Box City" in San Francisco.

I was recently housed in July 2018 after being homeless off and on since 2006. I am grateful for my housing but am in great need to make my housing comfortable. Some items I am in need of include plates (I only have one), silverware, pots and pans and household cleaning supplies. I am on a fixed income, so it makes affording these basic necessities very challenging for me. I am trying to move forward with connecting to resources in the community to improve my quality of life. One step at a time is a BIG step. Thank you for finding it in your heart to support me in my journey.

About me.

I am from Seattle, Washington and I decided to move to San Francisco after my accident. I have been in San Francisco since late 2006. I used to work for the USPS while in Washington. In San Francisco, I have worked odd and end jobs including working in a hotel. I volunteered for a local organization in San Francisco as a peer advocate. I enjoy volunteering and supporting my community.

My backstory.

While in Washington, I was rear-ended by a full-sized SUV while delivering mail. After that, the Post Office decided to let me go because I was physically unable to do the job anymore. I didn't meet their requirements as a result of the accident, because I couldn't sit long or walk far. My back hurt every time it was cold and I couldn't do any heavy lifting, because of my injury.

After that, I moved to San Francisco where I was disabled and couldn't work. I ended up in jail due to a conflict. Soon after, due to issues with my family and my limited physical ability to work, I ended up on the streets. From mid 2009-2011, I lived and worked in a hotel, but when I was fired, I lost my housing. I experienced homelessness from 2011 until being housed in July 2018. In 2012, I got involved with PAES who supported me with my benefits. When I was on the streets, I supported my community experiencing homelessness by sharing information and resources in what we called, "Box City".

My goals, moving forward.

It's been one hurdle after the next, but now that I've secured my housing, I am working on improving my overall quality of life. I am hoping to get training and schooling to be able to work again. I eventually will need the necessary materials, tools and skills to make me competitive in this current work environment. I am hopeful for the future.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

When I got my housing back again in July, it felt so good to sleep with both of my eyes closed instead of one eye open. I finally have gotten enough sleep in a warm place. It feels so good to feel safe. Prior to this time and when both of my parents passed, I had lost all hope of being housed. This has given me a new hope. I never thought this would happen for me! Also, I would love to attend a Metallica show one day too!

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