I'm raising money for my dog Vera's surgery so I can help my dear friend get back to good health.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my dog Vera's surgery.

Last summer, Vera tore her ACL and needed surgery. So many people shared generously and we were able to pay for her medical needs. I took excellent care of her and she had a full recovery and we have been enjoying life together. Unfortunately, as is very common with this condition in dogs, Vera store the ACL in her other leg this week and needs another surgery. We are raising funds to help with the cost and appreciate any and all donations to support Vera.

About me.

I play my accordion and hang out with Vera everyday. I take care of her and she takes care of me. Vera and I have a lot of good friends in the community. She is a great friend of mine and everybody!

My backstory.

I used to experience homelessness and addiction. I have been clean for fifteen years. And since then, I have secured housing and have focused on taking care of myself and Vera. And giving back to the community by playing my accordion for all of the daily commuters in the Civic Center Station.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal is to get Vera her surgery so that she can live the best life possible. We are here for one another and I will do whatever it takes so that we can enjoy life together!

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